current project: des abeilles et des enfants

“Of bees and children” is ready for post-production…

Of bees and children (working title) is a documentary written and directed by Catherine de Viana.

About the director

Catherine is a filmmaker who has written and directed several short films screened in film festivals worldwide.

After obtaining a philosophy degree from King’s College London, she trained as a radio journalist and later in film. Her current project brought her to West Africa. Bilingual in English and French, she works in both languages.

Trivia: As a child Catherine loved Jacques Cousteau’s documentaries and nothing pleased her more than having her 100-second film ‘Fish Tale’ selected as one of the tributes to honor Jacques Cousteau’s legacy and the centennial his birth (Ocean Inspiration Festival, NY, in 2011).


OF BEES AND CHILDREN (working title) (2016) documentary

FISH TALE (HD, 100″), Selected Ocean Inspiration Festival, NYC, 2011

PACIFISM (HD, 11′),  Cannes SFC 2008

THONPYʼTALE (2006, DV, 6′), Cannes SFC 2007

GOING HOME (2005, 16 mm, 5′) Cannes SFC 2006: one of 10 finalists out of over 900

MSUNSHINE (2005, 16 mm, 5′) Music video

VITRAUX (1995) documentary co-director, co-writer, researcher.